In April 2007, Redfield Energy became operational as a dry mill plant. It has the space to process approximately 22 million bushels of corn into ethanol per year. Approximately 230,000 tons of modified wet and dried distillers grain is produced and sold to the local and west coast markets.

Redfield Energy, LLC is located two miles north of Redfield, SD. Redfield Energy is a South Dakota LLC with 723 members who represent two-unit classes. Class A equity unitholders are required to deliver corn on an annual fiscal year basis. Class B unitholders do not have a corn requirement.

  • Our Mission:

    At Redfield Energy, our mission is to operate a profitable and innovative ethanol facility, be the preferred market for locally grown corn, and provide a quality feed product.

Our Values

First and foremost, we will not compromise the safety of our employees, customers, vendors, and others while on our facility’s premises. We will treat our employees well, and provide them with a working environment that will drive teamwork and enable each team member to have a passion to do their very best for our investors, customers, and community. We will employ the highest ethical standards in dealing with our customers, members, and others as we conduct our business.

  • Safety

  • Teamwork

  • Ethics

Meet Our

Board of Managers


Jim Klebsch – Redfield, SD


Troy Knecht - Houghton, SD


Doug Deiter - Faulkton, SD


Paul Domke – Tulare, SD


Bruce Blume – Redfield, SD

Francis Hass – Raymond, SD

Donna Hausvik - Turton, SD

Don Pugh – Miller, SD

Terry Schmidt - Watertown, SD


Legal Counsel:

Paul Gillette – Redfield, SD

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